Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel Diary

I felt a need to give a quick personal account and reaction to the recent strike by the IDF against the Gaza strip. 

I was walking home from shul at 11:30 in the morning when I heard thunder in the distance. I looked up at the sky to try and estimate when it would begin to rain. However, I realized that although it was overcast and cloudy, there were no dark storm clouds. As I continued to search the sky for the source of the thunder I saw some birds very high in the sky. I began to think that I was not hearing thunder, but rather the sounds of rocket explosions. I came home to my wife and asked her if she had heard thunder? She replied yes, and the windows and doors had been shaking. I told her that I thought that the sound was actually explosions related to the Gaza Strip.

On Motzei Shabbat, we looked on the Internet and were half surprised to learn that the IDF had attacked Hamas in the Gaza strip.  I have no training as a military analyst so I cannot comment on the military efficacy of this attack. I hope that progress will be made that will stop the daily rockets and mortars that have been falling in southern Israel.  I hope that a meaningful and lasting cease-fire can be reached with a minimum loss of human life.

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